What is considered a good SEO score?

Though there are a lot of ranking factors to be considered for SEO purposes to establish the SEO score for website, we put ‘Domain Authority‘ above others as a measure of understanding how much trust the website earns from people and search engines in general.


The process of getting an SEO score can be broadly divided into the following steps:

1: Identifying the domain authority. Domain Authority represents website authority and Page Authority represents webpage authority. Use Proper SEO Tools to identify them and how to improve the same. In the long run, they help you earning a good reputation for your website with increasing Trust flow for every link that connects with your website page and your overall website

2: Determining the load time of your website. Page Loading Speed affects bounce rates make sure the website is seamless with its performance when it comes to surfing within the website

3: Checking whether there is a site map. Acts as a internal directory for all your links present in website. Helps Google spiders and pingbots easily find their way through different pages and subpages, tags and categories of your website.

4: Checking the robots.txt. Restrict acess to specific directories of your website that hold key resources of your website or pages under maintenance/ incomplete and broken pages with this file.

5: Checking for all the meta content. Meta content include Title of the Page, Meta tags that highlight the main keywords of what your content is all about and a meta description which gives a brief summary of whats the content going to address about its subject matter.

6: Checking the H tags. The Headline tags H1-H6 is used appropriately among Headlines, Sub- Headlines wherever necessary.

7: Checking the onsite content. The content is the core concept of webpage which addresses the topic of interest / subject matter with proper heading, sub-headings, main body of content with proper start and end while adding some meaningful evidence to give a proper background reference.

8: Testing the keywords. Search Console is used to check and test what all seach terms and queries entered by users to find the website along with identifying what and where website is ranking for.

9. Checking whether UI/ UX is user-friendly. Check page layout, color combination, menu navigability and cross browser / os compatibility and functioning. In simple terms make sure whatever present in website isn’t broken and does what it is supposed to do.

10. Checking broken links / toxic links. Analysing the link structure of website and the quality of backlinks linking back your website.

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