Why are H1 tags and headers important in SEO?

Using the Header tags(H1-H4) help as a SEO best practice.

The Headline tags H1-H4 are mostly used with your keywords appropriately among Headlines, Sub- Headlines wherever necessary.


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This is because it lets search engine crawlers navigate and pickup up keywords in different formatting (Title, Heading, Sub-Heading, Bold, underline) which gets highlighted uniquely amongst your content. This helps with strategically increase the Keyword density and formatting the content for better readability and visibility for the users to understand at a glance what the page is all about by looking at the H1 tags.

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Is it okay to use my keywords with H3 or H4 tags in the WordPress website?

Yes. Provided you follow the hierarchy by using your keywords for your title and H1 tags as well. This is because Heading must be followed by subheading. Mostly people use phrase keywords for their H3-H4 tags. Follow a pattern such that all your keywords together highlight the keypoints of your content.

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