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Social Blade is Social Media Analytics Website with Real time Tracking and Ratings

An American website that tracks social media statistics and analytics, Social Blade most notably tracks the YouTube platform, but also has analytical information regarding Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Trovo, Dailymotion, Mixer, DLive, and StoryFire. Social Blade functions as a third-party API, providing its users with aggregated data from these various social media platforms. Jason Urgo is the CEO of Social Blade.

  • Founded: 08 Feb 2008
  • Available in: English
  • Created by: Jason Urgo
  • Registration: Optional


Social Blade compiles data from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion, Mixer, Instagram and uses the data to make statistical graphs and charts that track progress and growth. We include information such as estimated earnings and future projections, providing both numerical data and easy-to-read graphs. Statistics are freely available to anyone using our website or smartphone apps.

Social Blade currently tracks 23+ million YouTube channels, 6+ million Twitter Profiles, 5+ million Twitch channels, 206+ thousand Daily Motion users, and 416+ thousand Mixer Streamers.

Social Blade reaches over 7 million unique visitors every month with a good portion of those users checking the site every day.


Social Blade operates a news blog that reports on the top stories in the digital media industry. We aim to bring you fast, timely updates on everything online video and social media, as well as full coverage of prominent events and breaking news.

Social Blade also help foster a sense of community between our users through the use of our social media outlets, newsletters, and blog posts. We frequently highlight up-and-coming YouTube creators around our website and on our homepage. We attend industry events and host meet-ups in an effort to bring online communities to the third dimension.


Social Blade was founded in 2008 by Jason Urgo to track statistics of the then-popular website Digg. In 2010, we switched to tracking YouTube statistics. Following the breakout success of YouTube statistics they have added a number of other platforms such as Twitch statistics in 2013, Instagram statistics in 2014, Twitter statistics in 2016, Daily Motion statistics in 2017, and Mixer statistics in 2018.

Social Blade was officially incorporated in 2012, and has gone from being Urgo’s part-time hobby to a full-fledged business with a full team helping to run the company.


Social Blade is constantly looking towards the future, and how we can expand to report on more social media sites, provide better services to our users, and make data as accessible as possible.

They strive to increase their reach through reporting more industry news on our blog and by forming business relationships with respected organizations such as YouTube, Twitch, Amazon, BroadbandTV, Semaphore, and more.

Visit for analysing your social media channels and gain insights into digital marketing industr.

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