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Welcome to Keyword Institute. This is our first post. Learn interesting topics with us, let us know about your ideas in the comment section!

What is Keyword Institute?

Learn Keyword Optimization with Keyword Institute. We focus on understanding and using keywords.


Keyword Institute is an online learning platform for studying the concept of keywords in SEO – Search Engine Optimization. We focus exclusively on the study of keywords in detail.

Keyword Planner School Of Thought

What exactly is Keyword Planner School Of Thought ?

Our Tagline is a Keyword Planner School Of Thought. It means we research keyword categories relevant to the business niche for building a keyword list. We study the different aspects of keyword research, keyword ratio, keyword density, and keyword analysis for its usability and application with proper keyword planning and keyword tracking. We will be posting the Do’s/Don’ts of Keyword Usage.

This helps understand the trending topics in Google search for its search visibility and search volume. We provide the best keyword suggestions for ranking your website.

Our Aim of Teaching

We help people understand the role of keywords for search results. This will help with building a profitable online business with a good SEO score.

What you gain with Keyword Planner School Of Thought

Learn from scratch, all about keywords. Learn how to find the right keywords for your website. We help with understanding how keywords work from digital marketing and SEO perspective.

We will be posting our lessons soon. Do watch this space for more updates!

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